Validate your Business Niche by Researching the Competition

There are numerous business ideas that are often priced down due to limitations in the market or get successful due to their uniqueness. In any case, the final results of the business are unknown and it always becomes a huge risk in the market. However, there are some things that can help in understanding the future of the business. If you have selected a business niche then by implementing competitor analysis, you can validate your business niche. Moreover, research had always been the major part of any business development and it becomes inevitable for the person to implement business research before taking up the business idea.

Why to conduct competitor analysis?

The market is huge and there can be many vendors for one product or niche. So, it is important to conduct competitor analysis to understand uniqueness of the niche. Moreover, there are many larger companies in the business and studying them will help in understanding the progress of your business. If the company is huge then your business might not get enough recognition. Thus, the basics of the competitor analysis includes third-party audit of the competitor company.

What does Third-party audit in the competitor company?

Usually, the auditor has to go or work inside the company to audit it but as it is for competition, you would not get enough credits to go in the company. So, the best way to analyze the competition is through some external resources.

  • Recorded data – Every company releases some data for the company that entails details such as annual reports, press releases, presentations, brochures and other events. These data are easily available in the market and these data can be analyzed very easily.
  • Observable data – The observable data will include advertisements, promotional events and pricing of the company. These data will help in getting an insight into the overall development of the company and the niche.
  • Opportunistic data – The opportunistic data might not be that reliable as it comes from a source that has been associated with the company earlier. These data can be collected from ex-employees, suppliers and vendors of the company.

The above data analysis will help in concluding numerous things about the competitor company and the niche.

Conclusion from Analysis

The major conclusion points will include the final analysis of the company and the niche. The company would be working on some USP which can be identified through the analysis. For example, they would be offering lower prices but some quality would be affected in that process. Thus, in such case, you can validate your niche by incorporating that missing quality in your product which will increase a demand for your product.

Thus, the final business development can be prepared after the competitor analysis. However, the validation of the niche is an important aspect because that helps in predicting the future of the business. The competitor analysis will lead to many other discoveries that can be used further for personal development of the business.

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